At Home Mission | A Place to Call Home

24 Hour Support

Our group homes provide up to 24 hours of support each day, with a professional staff, trained to administer the most beneficial care and to help all individuals realize their dreams and goals.

Habilitation Services

Individuals deemed eligible for habilitation services will be assessed for existing skill levels in the areas of daily living and be provided with a specific Individual Service Plan (ISP) that directs their efforts to enhance his/her abilities.

Each resident has different program and is geared towards the individual’s needs and goals to foster independence and a good quality of life.

Personal Attention

We focus in the individuals unique traits, needs, likes and cultural background. Our main goal is to fulfill the clients comfort, and place them in the group home that will meet their expectation.

Protection, Comfort and Support

Our home does more than meet a basic physical need for shelter. It serves as an anchor in a challenging world, providing protection, comfort and support.

No matter how big or how small is, a safe and secure home is an indispensable cornerstone for economic and social success.