At Home Mission | A Place to Call Home

Who we are and what we do

AT HOME MISSION is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) residential program offering help to adults with developmental, learning and autism spectrum disabilities achieve their highest potential in social, vocational and independent living skills.


AT HOME MISSION is a well established community-based organization with the purpose to create pathways towards self-sufficiency and personal satisfaction for people with developmental disabilities.

Supports and services are determined through person-centered planning, whereby consumers and their families direct the planning and allocation of resources to meet their own individual life goals.

Our independent life-sharing household aim to create a community in which everyone is surrounded by a wide circle of friends and opportunity for fun, growth, and support.

Our Mission

At AT HOME MISSION we understand that each individual and family who chooses us has hopes and dreams for an active and meaningful life. Individuals who selects AT HOME MISSION to deliver services can expect the following:

  • Person-centered Planning and Service Delivery reflecting the individual’s preferences, goals and unique needs.
  • Comprehensive mental and physical health care necessary to maintain optimal health.
  • Coordination of Services: Assistance in coordinating services and establishing partnerships to optimize the ability to prosper in the community.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement: Continual assessment and enhancement of systems to improve outcomes and quality of life for the individuals we serve.
  • Personal Safety: Safety and security in home and community settings. Our services honor individual choice, community inclusion, and family preservation.

AT HOME MISSION sets the standard, partnering with people with disabilities, to provide services and solutions promoting independence, education, health and dignity.

Core Values

Safety and Health are a primary concern.

High Quality Services based on a high level of integrity, trust, customer satisfaction, and accountability.

Individual Services and Supports focused to assist them in achieving their dreams.

People are treated with dignity and their rights are respected.

Full Community Membership: Consumers are valued full participating members of the community.

Individual Choices: Residents are encouraged to make individual choices based on appropriate levels of experience and safety.